March 24, 2015

5.5 Tips For Partnering Up With The Best HVAC Service Provider

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to keeping your home properly heated through the frigid winters and cool during the sweltering summers is to call the first HVAC service you find online or in the phonebook.
Whether it’s waiting around forever for the technician to show up, or trying to translate sketchy invoices, the risks of hiring just any HVAC service provider are costly and cause a considerable amount of frustration.
There are key pieces of information to consider before inviting an HVAC technician into your home to do repair work or new installations. The following 6.5 tips help to ensure that you’re hiring a heating and air conditioning service that’s responsive and reliable:

1. Make Sure Your HVAC Service Provider Has An A+ BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau assigns letter grades to businesses — from A+ to F — based on the following criteria:

  • Complaint history
  • Type of business
  • Time in business
  • Failure to honor commitments
  • Any known licensing and government actions

Before you set out to hire an HVAC service provider, be sure to check with the BBB and see the provider’s rating. Read any customer complaints and get a sense of the company’s general history. This is going to give you the insight and assurance you need to feel confident in the company you are hiring.

2. Confirm They Conduct Background Checks & Drug Tests

There’s no reason you should feel apprehensive about inviting an HVAC technician into your home for repair service. When looking for a top-notch heating and air conditioning service company, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask companies if they run internal background checks and drug testing on their technicians.
The best HVAC service companies are going to care about gaining your trust and providing you with the same kind of comfort their services bring to your home. Look for companies that offer to call or send a text message 30 minutes before the technician arrives, as well as email you a photo and profile containing customer reviews for complete ID confirmation.

3. Find An HVAC Service Company That Pays Hourly, Not By The Task

Unfortunately, many heating and air conditioning service companies aren’t concerned with providing their customers value. If you find an HVAC service company paying its technicians by the task instead of by the hour, you’re setting yourself up to be charged for unnecessary parts and poorly executed rush jobs.
Look for an HVAC service company with technicians paid by the hour. This small change establishes accountability on behalf of the technician, and ensures you are getting the best work for the most value.

4. Only Choose An HVAC Contractor With A Free Parts And Labor Plan

When it comes to creating comfortable temperatures in your home, you don’t have the time or money to deal with unreliable service companies or costly follow-up repairs.
HVAC contractors focused on providing you with responsive and accountable repairs have no problem offering a free parts-and-labor plan.

5. Team Up With A Company That Trains Its Technicians 100+ Hours Per Year

As you search for an HVAC service company in your area, you’re going to find that the industry average for training technicians is 2-10 hours per year. This simply isn’t enough to cover everything necessary to provide unbeatable customer service.
HVAC service companies that train over 100 hours per year place a lot of focus on customer service communication and doing the job right. This goes beyond generalities – they should stand behind the quality of their work and be able to educate you on your heating and air conditioning upkeep.

5.5. Hire A Company Whose Owner Stands In The Forefront

At the end of the day, when hiring an HVAC service, you want accountability. The best way to ensure a high level of accountability is to look for the owner’s presence within the company. If the owner stands at the forefront of his or her business and provides personal contact information, it’s much more likely you’ll receive responsible, responsive service.
The only way to find a committed, trustworthy HVAC service founded on value and customer service is through due diligence. You must ask the right questions before selecting which heating and air conditioning provider you want to hire. In the long run, these efforts pay you back tenfold in time, money and perfect year-round temperatures for your home.

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