March 24, 2015

5 Must-Have HVAC Tips To Keep Your Home (And Budget) Cozy This Winter

With winter in full swing, you’ve likely been paying more attention lately to your thermostat and rising utility bills (particularly if your HVAC unit isn’t working properly).
While there’s not much you are able to change about the chilly weather, there are plenty of HVAC tips and practices you should implement to keep your budget relaxed and your home cozy this winter.
Here are the top five must-have HVAC tips for your home this season:

1. Proper Maintenance & Cleaning

The right maintenance early on keeps your furnace and other HVAC units running smoother for longer, extending their life – and your budget.
The first step to a properly maintained HVAC unit is cleanliness. You’ll save big in the long run if you keep your furnace and AC free of grass, leaves, mulch, dust, dirt and cobwebs. This saves you on cleaning costs and maximizes your unit’s life.
Another important maintenance step for your furnace is to change the air filter. Filters should be switched out once every three months, or according to your HVAC technician’s specifications.
Budget tip: Talk to your technician about any current deals they have this winter on air filters, such as filter delivery directly to your door.

2. Program Your Thermostat

Installing a programmable thermostat in your home reduces your energy consumption anywhere from 5% to up to 15%. It works by automatically turning down the heat while you’re not at home or while you’re asleep.
While you could achieve the same effect by manually turning the heat up and down yourself, the thermostat does the work for you automatically – and it doesn’t forget!
Budget tip: Install a programmable thermostat in your home this winter and stop paying to heat your empty (or sleeping) house. If you already have one, then program it appropriately to start lowering your utility bills today.

3. Schedule Your Annual HVAC Tune-Up

A furnace tune-up is an absolute must-have to keep your home – and your budget – comfortable this winter. A tune-up prolongs the life of your system by keeping it clean and running smoothly.
Scheduled tune-ups and cleanings also help you avoid any HVAC emergencies, which could cost you much more later on. Plus if something is wrong with your system, a tune-up catches it before you’re caught in the cold without a working furnace.
Budget tip: Schedule your furnace tune-up today and save yourself – and your wallet – from a future furnace breakdown.

4. Install A Whole-Home Humidifier

Your furnace’s heating process dries out the air in your home, and during winter, the air is dry enough already. This drier air sometimes causes skin irritations, aggravates nasal passages or allows for more static electricity buildup.
However, a whole-home humidifier restores dampness to the air. The moist air feels warmer because warm, moist air is more comfortable than dry, hot air – meaning you don’t have to set your thermostat as high.
Budget tip: Look into a whole-home humidifier to add to your HVAC system. By moistening the air, you keep your home more comfortable and your utility bills lower.

5. Enroll In An HVAC Membership Program

Do you budget monthly for your next major furnace replacement? Probably not, but you don’t want to be caught off-guard paying for an emergency furnace installation in mid-winter.
Instead, consider a club membership that covers annual HVAC tune-ups, plus parts and labor on all repairs, maintenance and replacements. This allows you to easily budget monthly (and affordably) without forgetting or worrying about the future.
Budget tip: Join an HVAC membership club today and keep your home comfortable all year long with peace of mind on comfort and cost.
Winter shouldn’t be a season of HVAC worries for you. Rather, implement these HVAC maintenance tips today and start putting utility bills in their place. By following these five must-have HVAC tips this year, your home – and your budget – stay cozy all season long.

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