January 17, 2018

6 Heating And Cooling System Tips For Year-Round Comfort and Savings

Did your last energy bill almost give you a heart attack? The average household spends upwards of $2,000 a year on utilities. You want to stay comfortable all year long without breaking the bank, right? Good news: there are a number of energy saving measures available that cost very little to complete.
Reducing your heating and cooling system’s bill comes down to implementing a few simple adjustments. Follow these six recommendations to start saving some money while keeping your home safe and comfortable all year:

1. Winter Humidifier

Do you ever wish your home would get warmer without raising the thermostat? When you invest in a humidifier for the winter months, that wish is granted. Even though you curse the cold weather for raising your utility bill, you’re blaming the wrong culprit. Dry air is most likely the offender.
A humidifier adds dampness to the air. Moist air feels warmer, so a humidifier helps you feel comfortable even though your thermostat is set at a lower temperature. In the winter, a humidifier allows you to stay toasty without raising the temperature dramatically. A humidifier also helps eliminate the dry air in your home that aggravates respiratory problems, irritates nasal passages and makes you more vulnerable to colds.

2. Summer Dehumidifier

Many basements need dehumidification during the summer months to combat mold growth. When the warm weather hits, run a dehumidifier in your basement to remove excessive moisture buildup. Drier air is not only healthier for your respiratory system, but also makes you less likely to encounter a musty, stale smell associated with bacteria growth in your basement.
Reducing the amount of moisture entering your home is the best way to solve humidity problems. Dehumidifiers work much the same way as air conditioners, but instead of cooling, it simply dries the air and releases it back into the room.

3. Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Do you or a family member suffer from mold, bacteria, or dust mite allergies? If so, over-moist air in your home is likely the cause.
Your air conditioning system is designed to control temperature and humidity. However, A whole-home humidifier working in conjunction with your air conditioner to effectively balance the moisture levels in your home is highly effective. The efficiency lies in its ability to constantly measure indoor humidity levels independently from the air conditioner. This system requires minimal, inexpensive maintenance to upkeep.

4. Automatic All Seasons Thermostat

It’s never fun to leave for a trip and come home to a monster utility bill. Turning down the heat or AC offers a strong return on investment while you’re away whether for a week or just the day at work. An automatic thermostat saves 20% or more on your monthly heating and cooling expenses.
When you’re away, program your thermostat to “vacation mode” for a steady decline in your home’s temperature. Your utility usage is reduced by approximately 5% with each degree.

5. Annual Equipment Maintenance

When your cooling and heating system is dirt-free, it runs at peak efficiency. Throughout the year, it’s recommended that you check to make sure your air filter is clean and that your thermostat is calibrated correctly. However, you should have your system properly cleaned by a highly trained HVAC technician once a year.
When your specialist arrives, have them clean the heater’s blower wheel, blower motor, burners and make sure the gas pressure is sound. For your cooling system, make sure they clean the blower and motor, remove any outdoor debris, clean all indoor and outdoor coils and check your AC’s refrigerant level.

6. Seasonal Air Sealing

Did you know that more than 50% of energy used for winter heating leaves your house through uninsulated walls, floors, ceilings and attics? Insulation traps small pockets of air between warm and cold areas inside your home and helps keep warm air in during the cold months. Make your home more comfortable and cut into your heating costs by insulating floors simply by covering them with a pad or rug.
On warmer days, keep your doors open and allow air to circulate freely throughout your house. Your indoor temperature becomes steadier and your cooling and heating system runs more efficiently. Make sure that when you close windows, you lock them to create a strong seal and reduce any draft. In the summer, use ceiling fans and pull curtains closed during day when you’re not home.
When it comes to conserving energy, small changes have a powerful impact. Your home is an entire network comprised of a heating and cooling system. Just as every member of a band plays a different role to make the music work in harmony, your home’s system operates on a similar principal. Every part is dependent on the others to operate at peak efficiency.
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