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An AirRanger™ air filter installs into existing HVAC system filter racks and turns your HVAC system into a whole-house air cleaner. The AirRanger™ traps the smallest sub-micron particles in addition to airborne pathogens, particles, dust, pollen, dirt, smoke, and pet dander so you can breathe cleaner, healthier air inside your home.


  • The AirRanger™ is 97% efficient at capturing particles from breathable air, particles as small as .3 microns (that is 0.000039 of an inch!).
  • Efficiency increases as the media fibers load. The 3% that pass through the air cleaner are primed to be captured as polarized masses the next trip through the duct system. Very small masses, but a mass nonetheless.
  • A polarized media air cleaner is highly beneficial to a home since continually circulating indoor air cannot experience the benefit of purification through the sun, wind, rain, or lightening.

Air Quality Control

  • Particles are corralled at the replaceable media filter with a safe magnetic field technology.
  • The patented activated-carbon center screen is effective in removing cigarette smoke, pollen, dust, odors, and other contaminants. 
  • The carbon center screen works well in removing some odors and takes care of around 40% of the volatile organic compounds involved.

Filter Target

  • The more energy-efficient homes have become, the more indoor air pollution is being trapped within. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) reports that indoor air pollution is ten times higher than that of outside air.
  • Many items intentionally introduced to the home cause increased indoor air pollution. Deodorizers, cleaning chemicals, disinfectant sprays, and even the materials used in building the home can affect its air quality.
  • The air circulating through a home is packed full of particles that can be traced back to many asthma issues and allergies. A dust mite allergy can cause increased sneezing, a runny nose, and difficulty breathing. Millions of these troublesome particles can be found in a single cubic foot of indoor air.
  • Furnaces can move over 1 million cubic feet of air through a home each day. That is a lot of air with a lot of particles.
  • Dust particles can include pet dander, skin flakes, dust mite waste, hair, smoke, pollen, and even insect parts!
  • In addition to moisture, mold needs a food source. Some of the particles circulating through a home meet that food source need for mold. Removing these particles is one proactive approach to managing mold issues.

Economical Operation

  • A low static pressure drop at the filter point lets the blower run efficiently.
  • The power consumption used by the media air cleaner is comparable to that of a 40-watt light bulb.
  • A well-maintained heating and cooling system is likely to result in lower utility bills. When an HVAC unit and ductwork are clean, the system doesn’t have to work as hard to heat or cool the environment.

Easy Maintenance

  • It is not required that the filter components be washed.
  • The disposable fiber media pads are easily changed. It only takes a few minutes to complete the task.
  • The media pads need to be changed on a consistent basis. This is usually necessary every 3 to 4 months. However, pets and/or smokers in the household may increase the frequency of the media pad replacement schedule.

Safe, Quiet, Dependable Operation

  • This air cleaner has an extremely high internal impedance, making it very safe and virtually short-circuit proof (24 volts feed a high voltage power supply, producing 6500 volts of DC output current).  
  • Charged (ionized) particles that collect on clothes, walls, and furnishings are not produced in operation.


  • While a regular air filter will catch large particles flowing through the ducts, protecting the HVAC system, they do not catch the small airborne particles the home’s occupants are breathing in. A media filter catches a great majority of these small airborne contaminants.
  • The polarized media air cleaner is designed to be installed right into the filter tracks of the existing current centralized HVAC system. No expensive additions to ductwork are necessary.
  • The AirRanger™ is designed to help protect heating and air conditioning systems from unnecessary aging and repair bills due to foreign particles entering the unit.

Call and visit with a MoreVent technician today about the Clean Air Defense System AirRanger™ whole-house polarized-media electronic air cleaner. MoreVent will provide upfront pricing and 100% satisfaction guaranteed!