October 4, 2019

Are You and Your HVAC System Ready for Fall?

Ah, fall! The season of cozy sweaters, changing leaves, and pumpkin spice lattes, if you’re into that sort of thing. But there’s one thing we bet you didn’t think about: is your HVAC system ready for fall?


After all, when the temperature drops, it happens fast! So it’s best to start preparing now, and get a heating system tune-up so your utility bills go up by as little as possible this fall.

It’s also important to have a yearly inspection done just in case something is wrong with your system. If your furnace fails in the middle of winter, you’ll wish you had.

There are plenty of things you can do yourself to keep from getting chilly as the temperature falls:

Seal Up Cracks Around the Home

First, seal any cracks around your home, such as windows, walls and where pipes may cut through your exterior walls. Don’t forget the seals on your doors…front, back, patio, etc.. The average home loses 20% to up to 35% of house heat through cracks and areas where heat can escape! No wonder our heating bill sometimes goes through the roof with the change in seasons!

If you don’t know how to seal cracks with caulk or spray foam yourself, you can always check out some YouTube tutorials or…seek help from a professional.

Our technicians are experts at sealing common air leaks, as well as leaks in potential areas you wouldn’t normally think about… air ducts, basements, and attics. We will make sure that your home is nice and warm!

Check Your Furnace Vents

Speaking of nice and warm, you’re probably turning your heat on for the first time right about now, if you haven’t already.

So, one thing you should do is make sure there’s nothing blocking your furnace vents. You want to make sure that heat is able to flow freely so your furnace doesn’t have to work so hard…both for the sake of your system’s life, and for your checkbook!

Be Concerned About Air Quality

But is that hot air coming through your vents even clean?

It’s an icky question to have to think about during the peaceful fall season, but don’t worry! We’re experts at air quality. Air quality is important at any time of year, but it’s especially important when it gets colder, because you’ll be spending more time inside.

Indoor air pollution is a huge problem! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is ten times more polluted than outdoor air. From dust mites to mold, and pet dander to pollen, there are all sorts of pollutants inside of your home.

We recommend installing one of our specialized air filter systems to combat this. The Clean Air Defense System AirRanger™ installs right onto your air filter, and it’s 97% efficient at capturing particles.

You don’t want to be cozying up in your sweater with your coffee, only to be surrounded by millions of allergen particles in every cubic foot! That’s also why you should remember to change your air filter in the fall.

We’re ready to help you prepare for falling temperatures, and for spending more time indoors. Contact us or call 1-610-257-7702 to learn more!

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