March 16, 2017

Beware the Cheap AC Tune-Up

A proper AC tune-up takes about an hour or more to complete, and includes a full system cleaning and inspection. That’s probably not what you’re going to get from a $59, $69 or even $79 “deal.”
When you go with the low-cost tune-up, you’re really only getting a filter change and a technician who’s looking to find repairs. He may even suggest replacing the entire system.
A lot of homeowners have breakdowns during the summer season and tell us they had a tune-up done a month before. We go to their homes and find that the components were never really checked or cleaned.
Do your homework before hiring a company for your tune-up. Service businesses cannot afford to send someone to your home for $59. It just doesn’t work out mathematically.  That money is going to be made up somehow, and it will probably be in over-priced repairs.
Although we sometimes offer a discount, our technicians are instructed to provide a full system tune-up. Our reputation is very important to us, so we always strive to do exactly what we say we’re going to do.
Call us at 1-610-257-7702 to schedule your AC tune-up with MoreVent.

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