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Central Heating

Your central heating system is a complex, important part of your life in West Chester, PA and the surrounding Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County area. Heating is your home’s largest energy expense. It accounts for about two-thirds of your annual energy bills—more when not running efficiently. Keeping your furnace running reliably, is a job for the heating experts at MoreVent because without regular maintenance and service, your gas furnace may not provide dependable comfort.

How Central Heating Works

  • A gas furnace, fueled by propane or natural gas, has two intake valves which bring air into the system.
  • A draft inducer fan motor feeds oxygen into the burner assembly.
  • A spark then ignites the gas while the oxygen keeps it burning at a high temperature fed through set of pipes called a heat exchanger.
  • Oxygen used to produce the flame gets expelled through a flue, venting carbon monoxide or other fumes outside your home.
  • Meanwhile, a second air intake system draws air through a return vent and blows it across the heat exchanger.
  • This warmed air is then pushed through ducts to heat rooms in your home.

Gas Furnaces

While you have many choices for powering a furnace, such as oil, propane and electricity, gas furnaces have grown to be the most popular way of heating homes—especially here in the West Chester area. They’re more efficient and burn more cleanly than oil-powered furnaces. In fact, you not only save money, but, since gas furnaces are 95% more efficient, you also promote a cleaner environment.

MoreVent Central Heating

MoreVent specializes in furnace repair and service of all residential and commercial forced air gas furnace systems in Delaware County, Chester County and Montgomery County. Our MoreVent technicians have the skills and training to keep your furnace working, protecting your family from the risks of cold weather and dangers of malfunctioning gas furnaces. We service and repair all brands of gas furnaces, whether we sold and installed them or not. That’s another way we promise you: more value, more trust, MoreVent.