November 3, 2016

Check Water Heaters Before Winter Hits

Potential water heater failures seem to come to light as the temperature begins to drop. During your pre-winter check, we can extend your water heater’s life, ensure that it’s operating efficiently, or replace it before you have a problem.
We know this is a busy time of year, but we highly recommend scheduling an appointment to have your water heater checked before the holiday season. If we can address potential problems before the coldest temperatures hit, you’ll avoid being forced to replace your system in the middle of winter.
Water heater maintenance is hugely underestimated. It’s incredibly important to have your system flushed annually. We also have to check the anode rod, which is the component that takes all the bad stuff out of the water so that it doesn’t affect your system. We can sometimes replace the anode rode so that you’re able to get more life out of your water heater.
Unfortunately, water heaters fail from the inside out, so we can’t just look at the system from the outside and tell that there’s a problem. It’s important to have an annual inspection before the coldest temperatures arrive, so that you aren’t stuck with a water heater failure in the middle of winter.

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