November 30, 2015

Check Your Humidifiers Before Winter

The basic purpose of a humidifier in the winter is to put moisture back into the air. Our homes get very dry and uncomfortable, and if you don’t get your humidifier checked before the cold hits, you run the risk of water leaks, and a system that may not work anywhere near the performance level you expect.
When we’re heating with oil, gas, and even heat pumps, we tend to dry the air out in our homes. When the air is dry, we suffer many side effects: nose bleeds in the morning, stuffy noses, sinus concerns, and dry skin. We also see side effects in the structure of our homes, including shrinking doors, wood cracking, and so forth. It’s very important to service your humidifier to make sure you stay comfortable in the winter.
The first thing we’ll do when we service your humidifier is get it cleaned. The pad within the humidifier should be changed and the humidity settings need to be set so that you can take full advantage of its operations. If you haven’t had that done in a year or two, I highly recommend giving us a call.
When humidifiers are not serviced, a couple things can happen. You run the risk of a water leak. And none of us really want water leaking into our basement area or into a closet. In addition to that, you end up with a system that just isn’t performing to the level that you may be used to. You may be thinking that it’s time to replace your humidifier when, in fact, it just needs to be serviced.
Don’t get stuck with a dry, uncomfortable home. Call MoreVent to have your humidifier serviced or if you would like to learn more about getting one installed in your home. We’re available at 1-484-203-8420.

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