October 22, 2015

Could Your Ductwork be the Problem?

We get a lot of calls from clients that say they want to replace their air conditioning or heating system because certain rooms or spots in their homes just aren’t comfortable. If you have hot spots, cold spots or comfort issues, it could be that your ductwork isn’t providing you the airflow required for your system to work properly.
If our technicians suspect that inefficient ductwork is the culprit, we will want to do a ductwork analysis. We typically find that the ductwork has been improperly designed. This means that it isn’t capable of carrying or returning the correct amount of air that the manufacturer designed that system to deliver.
In our area, we also find that a lot of ductwork in the attic doesn’t have the proper amount of insulation. If your ductwork isn’t fully sealed, you could be leaking a lot of air into your attic space. That means that your ductwork could be the cause of the hot and cold spots and a higher utility bill.
If you are having those comfort issues in the home with your air conditioner or furnace, give us a call. We can get a technician out there to check things out and, if we think it might be bad ductwork, we can get a professional analysis done right away. Call MoreVent today at 610-444-333.

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