March 24, 2015

Don’t Be Fooled By Low-Cost Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

As summertime quickly approaches and HVAC maintenance coupons infiltrate mailboxes, homeowners start scheduling AC tune-ups with a first-come, first-served mentality. Everyone bee lines toward those low-cost air conditioner tune-ups. But lower prices, especially in the case of HVAC service plans, usually translate to lower-quality service, and the initial low cost of an air conditioner tune-up quickly builds interest – in the form of frequent future repair bills.
Of course homeowners have a natural gravitation toward low prices, given the expense of running a home, but don’t be fooled into paying more in the long run for second-rate AC service. Start balancing your options, and you’re going to realize that spending more money up front on a truly professional service is much more effective than paying for continuous repairs after a low-cost service.

The Lure Of Low-Cost Tune-Ups

Because an air conditioning tune-up is fairly pricey, a company offering low-cost or even free AC tune-ups quickly establishes the upper hand with customers. However, once the lure of low costs dissolves, customers are left to deal with the harsh reality of low-cost air conditioner tune-ups.

The Realities Of Low-Cost Tune-Ups

Late Arrival Time

When HVAC companies stress “low-cost” as their one and only business ploy, it’s safe to assume that their services lack professionalism. If you’ve scheduled your AC tune-up for a specific time, and your service provider shows up an hour later, you’re hit with the first reality of low-cost AC tune-ups: Most companies that offer low-cost services don’t care about your schedule and don’t make much effort to prove otherwise.  MoreVent Heating, Plumbing and Cooling  understands it’s not convenient to hold a window of time for an HVAC service call during typical workday hours.

Ridiculous Recommendations

Let’s say your air conditioner has a leak, and you go into your low-cost service expecting a reasonable recommendation. The second shocking truth about low-cost AC tune-ups: Most companies approach the service with a game plan already in place, and it usually doesn’t involve repairing anything. Low-cost services lure you with low prices, but the company’s ultimate goal is to sell you a new air conditioner. Despite the full scope of your AC issue, many of these low-cost companies already have their solution in mind, which is to replace your entire AC unit. This is perhaps the most expensive and drastic measure to solve what is usually a simple problem.
Just as your car needs regular tune-ups for increased fuel efficiency, your air conditioner needs regular tune-ups for system efficiency. The key to saving money on energy bills, as well as future repair bills, is to schedule a reasonably priced AC tune-up twice a year.  According to the experts at MoreVent, a service plan is your best option for ultimate savings and reliable, professional service.
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