October 22, 2015

Drain Care To Keep Your Holidays Happy

We’re coming up on the holiday season, which means more houseguests and a lot more cooking in the kitchen. Take extra care of your drains to make sure you don’t have to make an emergency call to a professional plumber.
Grease and Oils
Turkeys, hams, and other greasy foods are a great part of the holiday season. But all that oil has to go somewhere, and it tends to get put down the drain. We recommend using a disposable container to pour the grease into and let it harden. After it hardens, go ahead and throw it away.
The same way the grease hardens in a cup, it will harden in your drain. It’s the number one thing we find when we’re called to clear a kitchen drain. Also, be sure to run water while using your disposal to help move garbage out.
Baby Wipes and Tissues
Any heavy tissues or products that don’t break down easily shouldn’t be readily accessible in your bathroom. With many houseguests in and out of the home, we recommend storing products like these out of reach. If there is a problem in your drainage system or even a potential problem, these products tend to get stuck and cause a back up.
Of course, accidents happen. If you end up with a clogged drain, call MoreVent and we’ll get it cleared so you can get back to enjoying your holiday season.

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