March 24, 2015

Electric Water Heater vs. Gas Water Heater – Which Is Right For You?

It’s time for a change. Your water heater is chugging along on its last breath, and you’re thinking that standard replacement shouldn’t be your next step– you want to switch systems entirely. You want to go from a gas water heater to an electric water heater, or vice versa, in hopes of securing higher system efficiency, lower utility bills, and just an overall better system.
Well, believe it or not, switching systems entirely might not be your best option. There are plenty of pros and cons attached to both gas and electric water heaters – You might find you actually benefit more from sticking with the unit you’ve already got.
But you’re no water heater expert. You don’t know the short-term and long-term effects of different water heating systems. Well, we do, and we want to help you make a better, more informed decision regarding your water heater system switch – so let’s jump right in to the nitty-gritty details and explore both the good and bad behind electric and gas water heaters.

Natural Gas Water Heaters

The Good

  • Uses less energy, so it
  • Costs less to operate
  • Quicker “heat up” time (a gas system heats 40% quicker than an electric system)
  • More energy efficient (gas water heaters don’t cool as quickly, so little energy is needed to maintain water temperature)
  • Repairs are less complex/less expensive (usually always boil down to the same issue: no hot water)

The Bad

While gas water heater repairs are less complex, they always require professional assistance – after all, this is natural, flammable gas we’re talking about. This might not be considered “bad” in your book, but we know that arranging for professional service (as opposed to handling a simple DIY task) is sometimes a schedule-conflicting hassle. However, if this is the only “bad” you have to worry about with a gas water heater, you’re in pretty good shape.

Electric Water Heaters

The Good

  • Safer (with gas systems come the possibility of gas leaks – a hazardous circumstance to say the least)
  • Saves money with a timer (switches system on and off according to times pre-set by you)
  • Smaller in size (easily fits into tight spaces)
  • Do not require ventilation (AKA, no holes need to be drilled into your roof)
  • Do not require a gas line
  • Installation costs less than with a gas water heater

The Bad

Electric water heaters save you money in the beginning – the unit itself is reasonably priced, as well as the installation process – but running an electric water heater is more expensive than running a gas water heater.

As with any other purchase decision, exploring the pros and cons around each item, and fitting them into your own personal circumstance, is key to choosing correctly. A gas water heater might act as an energy-saving miracle in one household, and an obnoxiously large piece of machinery in another. You know the key qualities behind each water heater system, but deciding between electric and gas is ultimately going to boil down to personal preference, household accessibility, space availability, and even your daily schedule – factor in all these elements before making your final decision.
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