March 24, 2015

Four Air Conditioning Secrets You Need To Know Now

Summer is approaching us once again and, without fail, it will unpack its bag of oppressive, humid temperatures in Pennsylvania. While the stuffy, tropic-like weather isn’t exactly welcomed, we all will make the best of it by finding respite in our beautifully cooled-down homes. Right?
Well, even with an air conditioner, not everyone is sitting so pretty. Possibly even you.
Last year, during the heat of summer, did you find yourself extracting the most cooling comfort from your air conditioner? Did you find yourself all hot and bothered because it wasn’t working right? Did you struggle with your air conditioner thermostat, wondering why it never shut off yet never reached the right temperature you were looking for?
Let’s not repeat that this summer!
There are common air conditioning crises homeowners experience when it heats up outside. That’s because air conditioners are tricky and require a fair amount of consideration in terms of the AC unit size and location, among other internal complexities.
End your struggle for air conditioning salvation this summer with our guide to the 4 Air Conditioning Secrets You Need To Know Now to help diagnose issues so you know when you need to call an HVAC service for a repair or replacement.

  1. Freon Lasts Forever – Freon is the cooling agent used in most air conditioner systems, and it lasts forever. So, if you’ve been under the assumption that your AC unit is failing because the Freon’s been all used up over the years, the system is really in need of a repair.  If Freon ever needs replacement, it’s because the AC unit is compromised and is in need of a professional HVAC service to repair it. Without the repair, even with the Freon replaced, it decreases the efficiency and life of your unit.
  2. Size Matters – Does this scenario sound familiar to you: You find yourself standing in front of a row of AC units at your local home improvement store with no knowledge of the square footage of the room you’re buying an air conditioner for. You give up and grab a mid-level one, take it home, install it, and after running for a few hours it barely cools the room down. A properly sized air conditioner maintains a 20-degree difference between the outside temp and that of your home. Most of the cooling process is dehumidification. When a system is not sized properly, your home might cool down a bit but it’s also still humid. This creates a very uncomfortable and clammy feeling that’s a breeding ground for allergens and mold.
  3. Replace Right – When it comes to cooling down your home during the sweltering summer months, there’s one golden rule to abide by: do it right the first time. You may want to save a little money by going with the smaller unit or the mid-level central air conditioning system. However, cutting corners at the start is going to cost you in the long run as the unit uses up a lot more energy while still failing at cooling your house properly. Don’t just replace your AC unit with the same size system you already have. There could be extenuating circumstances causing the unit to not reach your chosen level of comfort, including proper duct size, overall improper equipment size or a problematic thermostat. Talk with an experienced HVAC technician to find the best, most cost-effective course of action.
  4. Locations Matters – Even with the properly sized AC unit installed in your home, there are other factors affecting its ability to work well. To optimize your air conditioner’s performance, it should be located in a cool, shaded place outside — ideally on the north side of your house so it’s out of direct sunlight. It should also have unimpeded airflow, so plant life should be cut back to give the AC unit some room. If it has to be on the east or west side of the house, make sure it’s completely shielded from the sun with an awning or fence.

At the beginning of each summer season, it’s always recommended to get your air conditioning system checked out by a professional HVAC service. Any repairs or tune-ups it needs at that point are going to save you a lot of money and frustration down the line.
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