March 31, 2016

Fully Trained MoreVent Techs

Our technicians at MoreVent are never fully trained; we consider training an ongoing, daily discipline. Training starts on Monday morning and continues throughout the week, not just in the technical aspects of our industry, but in the customer service and financial areas as well.
Technicians at MoreVent train around 110-120 hours a year. That training consists of old and new technical training. We want to stay on top of new products in our industry, but we also want to remain knowledgeable about older technology, because many of our clients still operate with it.
A week in the life of a MoreVent technician starts at 7:30a on Monday morning. We gather in the training room and do practice runs of specific situations. We talk about what are clients are complimenting us on, and also areas of concern. We want to better handle challenging scenarios so that future clients don’t run into the same issues.
We meet again on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings to continue either customer service, financial or technical training. The only morning we don’t train is Wednesday, because we have an operational meeting to discuss how to make our business more efficient.
We’re always looking for individuals who have a genuine desire to serve clients. Not everyone can do that at a consistent and ongoing basis. We want technicians who have great attitudes, who believe in the MoreVent philosophy, and are proud to wear our uniform. We believe in always striving to learn more and do better by our clients.

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