January 15, 2018

Furnace Installation 101: The Savvy Homeowner’s Guide

The recent rise in energy costs have homeowner’s spending way too much on their heating bills. Avoid spending thousands of dollars per year on furnace maintenance and repairs. The smartest way to prevent a heating system mishap is by choosing a trustworthy furnace installation service. Before the cold weather arrives, call MoreVent.
The best furnace installation is one that provides you the most savings, safety and, of course, comfortable warmth for those cold months when you really need it. When deciding on the right furnace services, it’s essential to first educate yourself with the basics of the process. Follow these easy 123’s and make your furnace purchase and installation process a breeze:

Step 1: Before

The furnace you ultimately choose needs to be the correct size. Your HVAC technician should inspect the size of your home and all insulation values to determine the most efficient furnace for you. When selecting your furnace, look for a system that boosts comfort and maximizes efficiency. Gas is currently the most common heating fuel and many new central-heating systems use gas. Gas furnaces are popular because even though there’s more upfront expenses, the energy saving costs in the long run are substantial.
Before the furnace installation, make sure the company you choose is fully insured and all employees are qualified with updated background checks. Ask your technician what furnace option is best for your home heating needs as well as the costs required to maintain your system. Depending on your township, your furnace might need to meet specific permit specifications. Your HVAC company should pull the permit and verify that your furnace is up to the local code standards.

Step 2: During

During the installation, check to see that your chosen HVAC company is laying down drop cloths where work is taking place to protect your home and any children that may be around the installation area. The number one complaint from customers is that they are unable to reach the air filter. Make sure your HVAC technician installs your filter in a place that’s easy for you to reach. A new furnace has the best chance of remaining safe when the air filter is clean.
While your HVAC technician is installing your system, certain safety checks must be completed. A highly trained technician knows to test for carbon monoxide leaks. They also recognize the need to check gas pressure and ensure that all gas and electrical connections are tight and secure. Upon completion of your new unit, the installer needs to ensure the heat vents on your furnace are intact and clear of any obstructions.

Step 3: After

After the furnace installation is complete, inspect the area where the service was performed and look to see that a thorough cleanup has been completed. The space where your system has been placed should be unobstructed and free of debris. After your furnace has been set up, it’s your job to make sure the burner area of your furnace remains clean. This maximizes your furnace’s energy efficiency.
The company should go over the safety features, how your new system works and the types of furnace warranties available. For your protection, insist on a written 100% money back guarantee on the installation work. It’s also important to maintain open lines of communication with your technician to find out the costs to maintain your furnace. Your HVAC service should welcome questions and conversation after such a major installation.
The most important part of the furnace buying process is to choose the right HVAC service. Unfortunately, many contractors don’t possess the knowledge to install your new heating system correctly. Most homeowners who buy a new furnace don’t get what they pay for. Understanding the entire furnace installation service process is one of the best investments to make. You’re going to benefit from utility bill savings, an increase in home comfort and the elimination of unhealthy air circulation. 
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