September 20, 2019

Get a Lower A/C Bill in Three Easy Steps!

We know this is the last month of the year where you’ll have to worry about the high cost of your A/C use. But since you do have this one final month before the cold sets in, we’re going to give you some awesome last-minute tips on how to get a lower A/C bill!

Tip #1. Close the Curtains

The same way we’re closing the curtain on summer, you should close the curtains in your house to keep out the heat!

You’d be surprised how much heat gets in through your windows. However, if your curtains are black, they’ll absorb heat. So, if possible, you should have light-colored curtains to deflect heat.

It doesn’t make that much of a difference, though, so if you’re a late sleeper who loves your blackout curtains, then there are plenty of alternative suggestions for a lower A/C bill.

Tip #2: If You Can Stand the Heat…

…get into the kitchen! (Did we flip that phrase around properly?)

Anyway, if you’re a cold-blooded person who shivers through winter, but thrives in the summer, that’s an easy route to a lower A/C bill!

The bill goes down about 4% for each degree your thermostat is raised. Can you do 75° instead of 72°?

Negotiate with the other members of your household…reminding them that, last winter, you put on multiple sweaters so that you could reduce the heat bill! So now it’s time for them to be the ones to make the sacrifice.

However, be smart about thermostat adjusting! For example, if you’re going to be out of the house all day, you can turn the air off and then turn it back on when you get home. (Tip: by the way, you can do this in hotter summer months too, except instead of turning your air off, just turn it up by 10 degrees or so.) We mention this because of the common myth that you should leave your A/C on all the time. Otherwise, you’re wasting money because of the energy spent turning it back on…right?

Nope! That’s just false! You should be turning your A/C off when you’re not home. The Department of Energy says that the on/off method can save you up to 10% on your bill. Plus, with the A/C off, you’re reducing wear and tear on it, and also dehumidifying your home to avoid mold and bugs. Win, win, win!

In fact, there are a lot of HVAC myths like this that people spread around. Click here to learn more of these myths.

And tell a friend, too, so the misinformation doesn’t continue to spread!

Tip #3: Open Your Windows

September afternoons are still warm, but the nights are pretty cool! Consider leaving windows open at night and getting some free chill, so long as you remember to shut the windows back up again in the morning. (That way, you keep the cold air in, while also not inviting in a bunch of warm air.) Of course, if you don’t have insect screens on your windows, then the need to protect yourself from mosquitoes outweighs all other considerations…

Bonus Step: Get a Maintenance Check

You should have your HVAC system checked annually to make sure that your high-efficiency cooling system is actually, well, highly efficient!

Yes, a routine check does cost a little bit of money, but you’ll save in the long run on your month-to-month utility bills. Especially since we’re closing in on fall and then winter, now is a great time to chill out with us.

Get your maintenance out of the way early: call us at 1-610-257-7702 or schedule an appointment online!

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