June 15, 2017

Get Paid to Refer New Clients!

Referrals are a huge part of our business. Any time a client refers another person to our company, it speaks volumes about the quality of service we provide. That’s why we’re happy to provide a monetary bonus to customers who send new clients our way.
Advertising and marketing is expensive, and we’d much rather pay you to spread the word for us. We provide a small business card that has a spot for your name, and the name of the person you refer. When someone you know does business with MoreVent, you get a bonus.
For service calls, we’ll send you a check for $25. Now, if someone you refer gets a new system installed by MoreVent, we’re able to provide a little bit more: $250 to both of you.
Again, referrals speak volumes for the level of service that our company provides. And we’re much happier to share that with you, rather than a third party advertiser. The next time you get service from MoreVent, make sure you ask for those referral business cards. If you have any questions, call us at 1-610-257-7702.

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