March 2, 2021

Green Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

What comes to mind when you think of the color green? Leafy trees, vibrant grass or is it the bursting plant life in spring? At MoreVent, we aim to make sure our families in Delaware, Chester, and Montgomery counties breathe all year optimally, primarily through winter. Here are some tips for adding spring’s sweetness and freshness to your home the “green” way.

Enliven your home

After a long Pennsylvania winter, you long for that blooming environment that’s just around the corner. You don’t have to wait! Simply add some fresh houseplants today! Plants add a spark to your day with the colors and life they offer, lifting you and your loved ones’ mood. Their ability to transform carbon dioxide and pollutants into fresh oxygen makes them great air purifiers. Aloe, Boston ferns, and spider plants are great greenery options. Rejoice in the power of nature with newly added freshness.

Make the switch to natural products

The spring season often brings cleaning to mind. Incorporate refreshing scents such as lemon, lavender, orange, pine, and peppermint into the home through your green cleaning products. Although conventional products contribute to cleaning your home, their synthetic fragrances are full of chemicals that are potentially harmful to our furry friends and us. On top of being too abrasive, their chemical and volatile organic compound profile can irritate those who inhale them. Look for products that are naturally scented and fragrance-free.

Watch your step

One of the simplest ways to keep air pollutants out of your home is by removing your shoes upon arrival. Think about it; your shoes go with you everywhere you go: grocery store, work, even the park. Wearing your shoes indoors brings any pollutant you’ve encountered throughout the day inside with every step. Consider storing your shoes in the closet or getting a shoe tray or rack for the entrance.

Excellent indoor air quality gives you and your loved ones the peace of breathing fresh air. Go green this March with mindfulness by choosing nature, natural products, and keeping your shoes off in your home. Want an extra boost? At MoreVent, we offer a plethora of indoor air quality products and services aimed toward improving indoor air quality. No matter the time, we are here and available for whatever you may need. Call us at 1-610-257-7702 for more information today!

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