December 31, 2015

Heater Not Working? Try These 3 Steps

If you go to turn on your heater this winter and it doesn’t work, try these three steps before calling MoreVent to save yourself a service call.
Check Your Thermostat
First, make sure your thermostat is in ‘heat’ mode and that the temperature setting is higher than the temperature in the room.
Check Emergency Switches
If your furnace still doesn’t come on, we recommend checking near your stairs. There’s usually an emergency shut off switch for the furnace. It’s either located at the top of the stairwell or down by the heater. They look like regular light switches.
It’s very common for those switches to get turned off. If it is in the off position, go ahead and turn it on. It’s not a bad idea to turn it off and then on again, just like you are rebooting a computer.
Check the Breaker
If those first two steps fail to work, go down to your breaker. Find the switch for the furnace and turn that off. Wait a few moments, and then flip it back on.
If your heater doesn’t come on after trying these three steps, it’s time to call MoreVent at 1-610-257-7702

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