January 28, 2016

How Involved is Replacing a Furnace?

Almost all consumer advocacy groups recommend that a manual J calculation should be done before choosing the right sized furnace for your home. For some reason, a lot of companies don’t do them, which means you could end up with a system that’s too big or too small. An incorrectly sized system results in an efficient runtime and money down the drain.
Manual J Calculations
During a manual J calculation, we’ll be measuring all of your windows, walls, and doors. We’ll also be reviewing the ductwork for your existing system. At that point, we’re able to figure out exactly what it is your home requires to heat efficiently. If you Google replacing my furnace, the EPA and Energy Star specifically state that a manual J calculation must be done prior to considering a furnace for your home.
Why It’s Important
You’re going to maximize the life of your furnace. When a furnace is too big, it tends to come on and go off a lot. When it’s too small, it usually runs a lot longer than it needs to in order to heat your home. Both of these things directly impact your utility bill.
It also affects the longevity of your furnace. When any mechanical device starts and stops a lot, a tremendous amount of wear and tear is put on the components, which is going to reduce the life of the system. Most people only have to replace a furnace once or maybe twice in a lifetime. If you don’t get the right sized machine, you’ll be paying way too much in repairs and replacements.
Your Comfort Level
The right sized machine will also affect your comfort level. Remember: bigger is not always better when it comes to you furnace! The result of your machine being too big or too small will be hot and cold spots in the home. You want your furnace to come on, run the amount of time it’s designed to run, and then shut down. When that happens, we actually heat the space, instead of just satisfying the temperature on the thermostat.
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