June 4, 2015

Ice Forming on Your Air Conditioner?

We typically see ice build up on air conditioners during the summer months. It’s never a pleasant thing for a homeowner. The inconvenience of your AC not working while it is ninety degrees outside isn’t something anyone wants to deal with. That’s why we recommend having your system checked and cleaned on an annual basis.
First of all, you need to replace your filters before the season begins. When the filters get dirty, the restriction of air going through the system can cause it to freeze. With our annual program at MoreVent, we are able to send you filters through a subscription as a reminder to make sure that they get changed on a regular basis.
We also recommend that you have the air conditioner serviced before the season. A technician will do a full system cleaning on the machine, not only to check the filters, but also to check some of the other critical components. For instance, there’s an indoor coil that acts a filter throughout the year as the system is operating. That coil collects a lot of dirt and debris over a year run time. And if that particular component is filthy, it will also restrict airflow through the system, causing the system to freeze.
In addition, we’re able to check some electrical components to ensure that they’re operating within designed parameters. Making sure that those electrical components are starting and stopping the motors when the system requires it will also ensure proper operation to avoid an icing situation from happening.
So how do I know when I have an icing problem? Well, within the home you’ll start to see the temperature rising on the thermostat. The first thing you could do is go to the system and see if there’s any ice on the unit or water dripping. If that’s happening, either indoor or outdoor, the first thing we recommend is shutting the system off. From a service standpoint, if the system has ice on it, it’s very difficult for us to service the machine.
The ice build-up technically prevents our technicians from doing a proper diagnosis on the system. We may have to go through a de-icing process and there is a charge for that. If the ice is severe, we’ll have to schedule to come back at later time. So turning off your system right away is always the best thing to do if you see the signs of freezing.
To really ensure that your system runs efficiently, you’ve got to get it cleaned at least once a year. As part of our Club Membership program, you don’t have to worry about remembering your annual cleanings. We call you. We can also email you or text you, depending on what you are most comfortable with from a communication standpoint. We’ll remind you when it’s time to have that service completed on your system. Just give us a call at 1-610-257-7702.

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