June 12, 2020

Is a Ductless, Mini-Split System the Best Option for Your Space?

When you don’t want to heat or cool rooms that you aren’t using, when you fight with your housemates over the thermostat, or when you have a new room added to your home that you don’t want to route ductwork to … it might be time to consider calling MoreVent to discuss installing a ductless mini-split system.

What is a mini-split?

A mini-split ductless air conditioner system is an energy-efficient, wall-mounted unit with an outside compressor. Based on the needs of the system, the compressor slows down or speeds up, rather than stopping and starting like traditional HVAC compressors.

Considerations before installing a mini-split

There are many advantages of a mini-split system, including the less intrusive smaller size, ease of installation and less noise compared to ducted air conditioning.

And while mini-split systems are ultra energy-efficient, there are a couple of drawbacks.

  • Comfort vs. aesthetics: A mini-split will provide ultimate, controllable comfort in the room in which it’s installed. But because they are wall-mounted and cannot be covered, it may not be aesthetically pleasing for it to be so visible, especially in rooms where you entertain guests.
  • Benefit vs. cost: In comparing a mini-split to a window unit or baseboard heating unit, it can be a much larger investment. However, over time you should expect to see lower energy bills as a mini-split can cut your cooling costs by 30% compared to a traditional system, especially when you choose an ENERGY STAR-rated system.

Additional considerations are the importance of accurate measurements to determine the size of system suited for the room it will be installed, and maintenance. It is recommended to clean the filter every 4-6 weeks, simply by gently wiping with a dry cloth. Without regular maintenance by the homeowner you could possibly shorten the system’s lifespan, as accumulated debris reduces its functionality and efficiency.

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