July 2, 2015

Is My Air Conditioner Even Working?

“I turned on my AC an hour ago! Why is taking so long for my house to cool down?”
We get this question a lot during the summer months at MoreVent. The first thing we are going to ask is how long has the air conditioner been running? When temperatures and humidity levels are extremely high, unfortunately, the system is unable to drop temperature in a house within an hour or two. Sometimes it can take four to five hours.
You should always check the weather ahead of time. If you see that we’re going to have days where it’s going to begin to get really warm, turn the air conditioner on several hours prior. The air conditioner’s job is to remove the moisture out of the house. Once the moisture is removed to a certain level, the temperature in the home will begin to drop. A rule of thumb is one degree per hour of operation. So while you may not get that right-away, instant, cooling off in your home, that doesn’t mean things aren’t running properly.
Now there are times that the air conditioner isn’t doing it’s job. The first thing to check is the fan on the outside unit to make sure it’s turning. That’s an easy visual for a homeowner. If it’s not turning, we’ll ask you to check your breakers and switches. If everything appears to be in the ‘on’ position, then it’s time to place a call to MoreVent so we can send a technician out to repair it.
Another thing to check is the air coming out of the vents. Your system recirculates air in your home. As it turns the air three to five times an hour, the temperature should begin to drop. The air coming out doesn’t have to be freezing cold, but if it’s hot, the system is probably not working properly.
In addition, check the filter to ensure that it’s clean. Sometimes filters that are dirty prevent air from moving through the system properly and, as a result of that, the system begins to freeze. That results into a service call and potentially a major problem.
The best thing you can do to prevent these problems from happening the first place is to get on an annual cleaning program. Our Club Membership is absolutely the best there is in Chester and Delaware County. With our Club Membership program, we come out on an annual basis and do a full heating and air conditioning precision tune-up. We don’t just inspect components; we actually take the machine apart and clean all the necessary components, per the manufacturer guidelines.
Your system is not only going to operate properly, it’s also going to run at the level of efficiency that it was designed to run.
Don’t get stuck in the heat. Call us today to find out more about our services at 1-484-203-8420.

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