May 21, 2015

Leaky Humidifier Got You Down? Here’s What to Do

A leaky humidifier is something we usually encounter during the Winter months, but it’s great to know what steps to take should it occur. If you call MoreVent, we’ll be happy to walk to walk you through the following steps.

Go Directly to the System

There are actually two places where we can stop the water from continuing to drain. The first thing you should do is locate your humidifier in your system. Once you find the humidifier, there’s a wire that goes to a square box called a humidistat; it kind of looks like a thermostat, but it has a dial on it. I recommend turning that dial to off. Once you turn it to off, it will actually stop the system from coming on.
In addition to that, there’s a plastic or very thin copper line that’s fed into the humidifier and if you find that line, you can follow that up to where it connects to another valve. The valve is usually located somewhere in the ceiling. Take that valve and turn it in the opposite direction from which it’s currently turned. Sometimes you have to spin them for several times to get it all the way to the off position.
Once you do both of those things, you’ll continue to see a little bit of water dripping out of the humidifier. However, at that point, you have stopped the humidifier from continuing to feed water and you’ve stopped it from coming on.

Call MoreVent to schedule service

After you get the system turned off, or maybe before if you need directions, give us a call. One of our client service representatives will be more than happy to walk you through locating the humidifier and completing those few steps. At that point, we will schedule a technician to come to your home at your convenience.

Diagnosing the Issue

After we get a technician out to the home, we can figure what’s going on with your humidifier. It could be that the humidifier itself hasn’t been serviced recently. We recommend that it’s serviced at least once a year. That pad within the humidifier may be at the point where it needs to be replaced and that’s also a part of that yearly service. In addition to causes, there is a valve that’s located within the humidifier that may have failed. It could also potentially be an electrical issue of some sort.
Of course, we have our Club Membership Program at MoreVent and, as part of that annual service, we can come out and take care of your humidifier. Regardless if you’ve been a client of ours for years or if it’s the first time you’re calling, we’ll be glad to walk you through these steps to make sure your humidifier is taken care of. Call us at 1-484-203-8420.

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