August 6, 2015

MoreVent Values YOUR Time

Time is precious. Everyone is busy. At MoreVent, we understand that and do everything we can to make ourselves available to you, during business hours and beyond.
Home issues and emergencies don’t always happen while we are home or during convenient hours. Our office is open from 7am to 8pm, Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 8am to 2pm. After those times, we have an answering service that takes your call, 24/7. That call is immediately dispatched to an on-call manager; not a technician, but an actual manager.
It’s very common in our industry to have technicians that are on call, but sometimes they don’t always want to go out and service the problem in person. They’d rather try and get it fixed over the phone and that may not necessarily be in the client’s best interest. Our manager has the ability and availability to look up your account and get a better understanding of exactly what you’re dealing with. At that point, you’ll get a call back, we’ll talk to you about your existing issue, and get the right technician scheduled to come out and handle your problem at your convenience.
Once we pick a time that is good for you, we guarantee that we’re going to show up within that time window. If not, the entire repair is free. Typically, our time windows are two-hour time frames. Along the way, we keep you updated. So if we are running behind, we give you a call. We also notify you to let you know that the technician is on their way to your home. And we do that Monday through Sunday. Regardless of whether the office is open or not, you still get that same level of service.
Things do happen. Sometimes calls do take longer than expected. But we understand that time is money and people have a lot to do. We don’t want you waiting all day for a technician who never shows up. MoreVent just doesn’t do business that way. Call us at 610-444-333 and experience a higher level of service.

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