March 24, 2015

Quick, Unusual “Fixes” To Hold Over Surprise Water Leaks

When a home suddenly springs a water leak, owners are often at a loss as to how to fix it. Water leaks may seem like they’re coming out of nowhere, and it’s difficult to pinpoint the problem when it’s lurking behind your walls or under your floors.
Most homeowners have, at one point or another, faced a leaky pipe. Unfortunately, you don’t typically anticipate water leaks before they happen, and there is no tried-and-true way to predict them. The good news: Until a professional plumber makes it out to replace your pipe, a bucket isn’t the only answer for keeping that leak contained.
Try these temporary solutions for plugging a leaky pipe without causing further damage.

Plumbers Epoxy

This putty-like substance is your best friend for battling surprise leaks. It’s basically professional molding clay. Take a small amount of epoxy that’s sufficient to cover the hole or crack, knead it around your hands a bit to loosen it up and mold it over the leak to contain the water.

Rubber Wrap With A Pipe Repair Clamp

Take a thin piece of rubber and wrap it around the leak once. Then, tightly wrap the rubber with electrical tape to hold it in place. Once this is done, fasten a C-clamp around the patch to create pressure with the seal. This should hold off the leakage temporarily.

The Pencil Alternative

Stick a pencil point into the leak hole and break it off. Next, wrap the pipe with electrician’s tape. Put plumbers epoxy over the tape to make sure water doesn’t get through.

Garden Hose Piece

Cut a piece of garden hose long enough to cover the hole in the pipe plus two or three inches on each side. Slice the garden hose lengthwise and position it over the leak. Use hose clamps to keep it in place.

A Diaper

That’s right, a diaper. After all, they are designed to absorb hefty amounts of water. Just make sure that the diaper is tightly taped over the leak. Consider using amalgamation tape to hold it.
These quick fixes are handy to keep your leak at bay, but keep in mind: These temporary leak solutions are just that – temporary. To get to the origin of the leak, you should call in a professional. These DIY tips are perfect for minimizing dripping water, but to permanently fix water leaks, you need more than just a pipe plug.
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