July 30, 2015

Reduce Your Summer Utility Bill

Everyone wants to save a little money on that utility bill, especially during the summer months. Other than getting an annual cleaning on your air conditioning system, the best thing you can do is get a programmable thermostat.
Using a programmable thermostat is a great way to help conserve energy in your home. We recommend raising the temperature about two to three degrees above your desired temperature when you leave the home. At that point, you’ll save anywhere from ten to fifteen percent on your utility usage. The utility companies tell us we save about five percent for every degree that you set the thermostat back.
However, once we cross that three-degree mark, we’re getting into dangerous territory. Now the system has to work really, really hard to get your house back to the temperature that you desire, which is actually going to cost you more.
Today we have many different programmable thermostats. They were not so user-friendly when they were first introduced to the market. We have thermostats that are very similar to iPhones or Android; it’s a touch and click. We also have Wi-Fi thermostats that are available with no additional subscription charge, so that you can set your thermostat from anywhere you are.
Wi-Fi thermostats are great for folks that have second homes and would like to have that house nice and cool by the time they get there. It’s also nice for people that are away on business for a majority of the week. If you log in and see that the temperature in your home has climbed beyond the set point, chances are, it’s not operating. You can call MoreVent to have us come out to the home and fix the problem so that when you fly back in town, you don’t have to worry about it.
Any of our trained technicians can answer questions about those programmable thermostats so that you can find the right one for your home. Just call us at 1-484-203-8420.

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