October 20, 2016

Schedule Your Furnace Cleaning Before Winter Hits

If you haven’t had your furnace cleaned and inspected, now is a great time to get on our schedule, prior to the holiday rush. We tend to see a lot of unexpected repair work due to delayed or missed winter cleanings.
During a cleaning, we’ll look at your thermostat, check the calibration and clean all the burners within your furnace. We’ll make sure your motor is running within manufacturer’s specifications and clean that as well. It’s important to make sure all the dust and debris is removed from the air ports.
We take a look at how much fuel the system is burning by doing a combustion analysis. If we find there’s a potential issue, we’re able to dive in a little bit more to make sure that that system is operating safely for you and your family.
One of the worst things that we are confronted with in the dead of winter is a furnace that has improper combustion as a result of heat exchanger failure. If there is a breach within the system, it could be producing carbon monoxide at an unsafe level. At that point, we’ll have to turn off your system to make sure you stay safe. And we really don’t want to do that to you when it’s freezing outside.
The best way to avoid that situation is to schedule a cleaning before the temperature really drops. If we find there is a problem, you’ll have time to assess the situation, and make a decision that isn’t rushed. That way you’ll be happy with the furnace or service that you choose, and will be able to achieve a comfort level that you’re happy with for years to come.

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