March 30, 2017

Why is Spring a Great Time to Replace My AC?

Most of our replacements happen during peak season- the hottest months of the year. We’ve learned that it’s really difficult for clients to sit back and take in all the information we give them, because they’re under the gun. It’s extremely uncomfortable in their home and the just want air.
Being under that pressure doesn’t always allow a homeowner to make a decision that’s going to benefit them long-term. If you can, consider replacing in the spring.
A comfort advisor can come out to your home, and educate you on the benefits. It will help you make a decision that has a positive impact on your home comfort.
Mild weather also means the technicians working in and around your home won’t be rushing to get the job done. No matter what company you hire, no one likes working in extreme weather conditions. Installing your AC in the spring might increase the quality of workmanship.
If you are able, consider a springtime replacement. Call MoreVent at 1-610-257-7702 with any questions.

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