August 18, 2016

That Company is “Low-Cost” For a Reason

The lowest price company usually doesn’t provide the best service. The cost of doing business is the cost of doing business. Every company, if run in similar fashion, is going to have the same overhead costs. For a company to be less money, something has got to give.
Are their technicians not as trained? Are they not as experienced? Are they coming to your home in a truck that has eight to ten thousand dollars worth of parts, so that the job can be completed on the first appointment? Is there warranty? Do they have customer service that can handle any and all of your questions?
If someone is offering you a surprisingly low cost for a repair or replacement, chances are they are taking shortcuts, cutting corners, and/or they’re going to come back and charge you more after the job is completed. 
We’d rather be completely upfront with our pricing. We understand that means the job could potentially be more than another company is offering. But we are confident that, in the end, it’s going to cost the customer less.
The life of the repair or replacement will be longer. And the job will cost the homeowner less money from an operating standpoint, because we’ve installed it per manufacture’s specifications.
In addition, we have a two-year repair warranty on most of our services. We want our client to go through virtually every season twice to make sure all of their components are of utmost quality.
Consider what you’re getting when you see a low-cost repair or replacement. And don’t forget to question what it is that you’re not getting and what that may in end up costing you in the long run.

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