February 12, 2018

The Environment and Your Home Cooling And Heating Systems: Understanding The Impacts

The weather in Chester County, Pennsylvania, isn’t exactly stable. Mother Nature likes to throw the upper East Coast some curveballs from time to time. And in addition to dictating our wardrobes and spurring the sniffles, these hot and cold temperature changes also do a number on our HVAC units.
Heaters and air conditioners are greatly affected by the temperatures that surround them. When the climate is constantly changing (like it does here), HVAC systems undergo some pretty harsh sabotage.
Your HVAC unit is an intricate machine: Your furnace uses various gas and electrical components to produce heat, and your air conditioner employs a series of fans and circulation to cool your home. Both function through the interdependence of equally complex, mechanical parts to maintain a comfortable balance amidst outside temperatures. But when those temperatures come with constant fluctuations, things tend to get a little slow … and expensive.

Why HVACs Suffer Under Climate Change

If your unit has a hard time keeping up with its outside environment, it might be due to one of three things:
1. Large heating and coolingloads (the amount of hot or cool air that needs to be removed from a home before a furnace or AC takes effect)
2. Excessive electricity consumption
3. Poor outdoor placement of your home comfort system (the building/area’s effectiveness for air circulation/heating)
These are all factors that homeowners should consider if their utility bill is significantly high and they’re living in an area where the climate is prone to changes. It’s possible that your system is just not adequately built for its surroundings or that it isn’t powerful enough to handle extreme climate variations.
Fluctuating weather patterns – and the overuse of your machine to combat them – takes a heavy toll on HVAC units. Systems become overworked and begin losing steam or malfunctioning altogether.

HVACs That Cater To Climate

HVAC units are being revamped with Mother Nature’s occasional fury in mind. While it’s possible that your system was poorly constructed, it’s more likely that climate changes are becoming more widely spread and more of a challenge for HVACs to combat. (After all, who isn’t talking about global warming these days?)
Today’s HVAC systems come in all shapes and sizes, but their primary focus is efficiency. Higher efficiency HVAC units means higher tolerance for complicated weather patterns, which means less energy consumption, which means – you got it – less money to pay for heating and cooling during crazy climate changes.
Your heating and cooling systemis never going to be weather-impenetrable. But, if you’re dealing with a seemingly bipolar environment, you may want to reconsider your HVAC unit options. There are machines on the market designed specifically to take on these tumultuous temperatures – contact a professional HVAC technician to find your best fit.
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