May 28, 2015

Thermostat Blank? Here’s What You Need to Do

“Help! My thermostat is completely blank!”

Don’t worry. We can help you out with that. When our technicians are at your home on an annual basis or during a repair, they will be happy to inform you of the steps to take if your thermostat isn’t working.

Check Your Breakers and Switches

The first thing that we always ask a client to check are the breakers within their electrical panel. We need to make sure that they’ve not been taken out of the on position. Secondly, on the side of the furnace there’s something that looks like a light switch. We ask to make sure that that switch is in the on position as well. In many homes, there’s an additional switch that is located at the top of steps and typically has a red cover on it that says ‘emergency switch.’ We ask that you check that to make sure that no one has accidentally turned it off.

Should I Check My Batteries?

Depending on the thermostat that you have, it could be the batteries within the thermostat. Typically, changing those batteries is pretty simple. The first thing you’ll need to do is find those previously mentioned switches and make sure they are off. Then, take the thermostat off the wall and on the back of the thermostat you’ll see a variety of different batteries. Go ahead and replace them, put the thermostat back on the wall, and then go and turn the emergency switch back on.
If there’s an internal problem, by turning the switch off, you’ll put yourself in a position where you’re not causing another potential problem within the system. When you put the thermostat back on the wall and turn the switch back on, it’s kind of like rebooting your computer.

What If That Doesn’t Work?

If you’ve checked all those and the thermostat is still blank, it could very well be that you have an emergency shut off system that has been engaged to stop water from leaking onto your floor or out of your system. If that is the case, I would highly recommend giving MoreVent a call at 1-610-257-7702. One of our client service representatives will walk you back through the steps and if the system is still not functioning, will go ahead and schedule a time that’s convenient for you to have a technician come out and take care of the problem for you.
Remember, you’re not going to see a bill because we walked you through these steps over the phone, so give us a call if you forget to bookmark this post. We’re available 24/7 at 1-610-257-7702.

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