July 8, 2019

Tips for Preventing Costly HVAC Repairs

With summer in full effect, you’d probably prefer to spend your hard-earned savings on a relaxing vacation with your family and friends instead of on preventable HVAC issues. So, we’ve listed some of the best ways to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs on your system.

Schedule spring and fall HVAC tune-ups

This is something you need to mark on your calendar every year if you want to ensure your system’s longevity. If you skip these yearly services, you’re putting your system at risk. Your A/C unit needs a tune-up every spring, and your furnace will need one every fall. A tune-up allows the technician to inspect, clean and prep your system for the upcoming season which is vital if it is going to be in frequent use.

Change that filter

This is another easy task that won’t take but a couple of minutes to do but is critical to the function of your HVAC system. The air filter keeps allergens, dander, and debris from circulating through your home, but if it’s clogged, it will prevent the flow of clean air through your home. If you don’t change your filter, you are essentially strangling your system. The strain causes it to work harder and longer which means more wear and tear on the system and the internal components.

Clean your outdoor unit

Make sure you’re performing regular upkeep on your outdoor A/C unit or heat pump. Additionally, clear the area around the unit of dirt, debris, and any other obstructions. Make sure you trim back any foliage that’s encroaching on the unit, as this can cause the airflow to become restricted which then hampers the performance of the unit.

If you follow these three simple tips, you will most likely save yourself and your wallet from a preventable HVAC headache. Do you live in Chester, Delaware, New Castle, or Montgomery County and have more questions? Feel free to reach out to MoreVent at 1-610-257-7702 or schedule a service online!

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