November 19, 2015

Tips on Preparing Your Plumbing for Winter

A winter never goes by without us receiving a call that someone’s pipes have burst. I highly recommend, as we get into fall, that you prepare your plumbing for the cold.
The first thing you want to do is drain your outside hose. Unscrew it from the hose bib and put it away. If you don’t have a frost-free hose bib, then I suggest you give a plumber a call to have them come out and install one to prevent your pipes from bursting unnecessarily.
You also want to turn off the water that is going to that outside hose. If you don’t know where those valves are, we can walk you through the process over the phone. Our technicians are more than happy to make you aware of all of these shut-offs during your annual heating and cooling cleaning or plumbing inspection. That way, you can turn them off easily before winter, and back on come springtime.
In regards to pipes and an inspection of your piping system, we do recommend that you have your plumbing inspected once every two to three years to ensure that you’re catching a pipe that may begin to leak or valves that are starting to go bad. All of these are minor up to the point that they break or create some excess water damage.
If you forget to shut off your water and take precautions for winter, we do have a 24-hour service rep available to take your call. Your call will be dispatched to an on-call manager and they will get the appropriate technician out to your home.
I suggest taking the steps before winter to make sure you never get to that point! If you have any questions about prepping your home for the cold, you can always call MoreVent at 1-484-203-8420.

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