October 8, 2020

Troubleshooters update: Couple gets new HVAC unit

NARBERTH, Pennsylvania (WPVI) — We have an update on the story of a Montgomery County senior who contacted the Action News Troubleshooters for help.

She told our Nydia Han a contractor stole $7,000 from her and her husband. Action News viewers often step up when they see someone in need, and that is exactly what happened in this case.

The Kims told the Troubleshooters in the summer of 2019 they gave Don Zappley of Blackhawk Power and Service a deposit of $7,000 to deliver and install three new air conditioning units. She told us he has done nothing since.

The agreement dated August 20, 2019, says “delivery of first units expected within 10 days of order..” but more than a year later there are no units, no work, nothing.

“I said, ‘Oh, I don’t think he’s coming. He always make(s) an excuse,'” said Eunyoun Kim of Narberth, Pennsylvania.

Montgomery County detectives have an arrest warrant out for Zappley. He is wanted on charges of theft, deceptive business practices, and third-degree felony home improvement fraud.

After seeing our story, HVAC company MoreVent, of West Chester, contacted the Troubleshooters.

“When we saw the video and saw the pain that they were put through, we just felt inclined to help,” said Michael Aguggia of MoreVent.

The Action Cam was there as MoreVent’s Aguggia assessed the couple’s needs and determined what they need is a brand new HVAC unit.

“And I’m happy to say, too, MoreVent is going to take care of this for you,” said Aguggia. “We’re in a position to help and we would absolutely love to. And when I say that, I mean no charge to you at all.”

“No charge at all? Oh wow! Hahaha,” said Kim.

Their kind gesture has restored Kim’s faith in humanity.

“I was shocked. Making me feel that not everybody’s bad,” Kim said.

Indeed, there are a lot of great contractors and companies out there.

Meantime, Montgomery County detectives are still looking for Zappley. If you know where he is or if you’ve had any issues with him, contact Montgomery County Detectives and the Troubleshooters.

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