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UVC Lights

The Clean Air Defense System Germicidal UVC lamps harness the energy of the sun’s UVC rays to disrupt the DNA of living, airborne organisms trapped in the air and air duct systems of your home. UVC Lamps are effective against viruses, bacteria, molds, pollen, and other pathogens. The Clean Air Defense System integrates with your existing HVAC equipment and ductwork to provide maximum whole-house efficiency.

Series3™ Model Germicidal UVC Systems

Series3 Germicidal UVC Systems and Series3 UVC/UVV Systems offer a versatile, full line of whole-house air purification solutions that install directly into the central heating and cooling system ductwork or plenum. The high-intensity Dual-Radiant™ UVC “H” Lamp disinfects the air by neutralizing airborne pathogens including bacteria, viruses, and mold. According to the EPA, the combined use of filtration and germicidal UVC light is an effective means of preventing the distribution of airborne viruses in occupied spaces. With ultraviolet light, micro-watts translate to effectiveness. Series3 sixteen-inch (16”) UVC lamps produce a very high output of 180 micro-watts @ 1 meter which is significantly higher than most UVC lamps on the market. Series3 twelve-inch (12”) UVC lamps produce 150 microwatts @ 1 meter.


  • Controls allergens that cause allergic and asthmatic episodes
  • Controls or destroys organisms such as mold spores, bacteria and viruses
  • Controls noxious odors created by pets, smoke, solvents, and carpets


  • Dissipates heat from electronic components for improved reliability
  • Allows operation at higher temperatures
  • Extends ballast life


  • One lamp controls bacteria, viruses, and mold spores while the second, adjustable lamp oxidizes gases and removes odors
  • Two-year lamps mean replacement only every two years
  • Available in 16” or 12”
  • Reflex™ lamps focus UVC light in one direction
  • Low static pressure drop lets blower run efficiently


  • 18,000-hour lamps require replacing only once every two years
  • LED power and lamp monitors let you know the system is working properly


  • Professional installation in less than an hour without costly ductwork modifications
  • Suitable for up to a 10-ton AHU


  • Limited lifetime warranty on all electronic components
  • Lamp is warranted against defects for two (2) years