July 9, 2015

Water Around The Air Conditioner

Have you ever seen water around the base of your indoor conditioning unit? It’s something that can happen for a variety of different reasons, but it’s usually a malfunction due to a lack of servicing on the system.
The most common cause has to do with what’s called a condensate pump, which is the device that captures all the moisture that’s extracted from the air in your home. That pump disposes of that excess water, either into a drain or outside of the house. It’s common for that pump to get clogged over time, which could result in a failure.
Water around the unit could also occur because of the air conditioning coil. Within the air, we have a lot of dirt and debris that collects on the bottom of the evaporator coil. That dirt and debris tends to fall into the drain pan, which is a pan that collects all the water that’s being extracted from the air in your home. As that dirt and debris collects, it can clog the hole. The water will overflow the pan and spill out through the system onto the floor.
You drain pan could also have a crack in it. It can be very hard for a client to see. Typically, you have to get into the system to find it and one of our professionals can do that for you. The most obvious cause of water is if you have ice that’s built up around the copper line that’s coming into the system. If you see any sort of icing or condensation, it’s recommended that you turn the system off and call a MoreVent technician to come out and take a look at it.
Your best line of defense is always a good offense. Our annual Club Membership program is not only an inspection of the components, but it’s a thorough cleaning of you entire system. We clean the drain lines and even offer a product called a drain pan treatment, which is a device that activates a detergent and it breaks down the dirt and debris to help prevent clogging from happening inside the drain hole.
We’ll make sure that all the components are working within manufacturer specification so that that ice build up, either on the inside or the outside, does not happen during your summer season. Call us to make sure you’re not stuck in the heat at 1-610-257-7702

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