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Water Line Repair & Service

The water your drink and use for cleaning and washing can easily be taken for granted. Problems with water lines delivering fresh, potable water to your home requires immediate attention to avoid any potential risk of contamination or escalating replacement costs.

Water Line Problems

Because they usually occur between the meter and shutoff valve, water line problems don’t normally show up on meter readings. If there are damp spots on the ground outside your home, damp spots in your basement, you may have a leak in a major water pipe. While suspecting a leak is a good first step, pinpointing it is work for a professional.

Water Line Leaks

Leaks typically occur over a long period of time. Usual culprits include high pressure, corrosion, or roots seeking moisture. Some older water lines simply fail due to age; corrosion and cracks increase with age. Even if you don’t have a disastrous basement flood, it’s best to side with caution and have a MoreVent licensed plumber inspect your lines for leaks.

Suspect a leak?

Water line problems only get worse and more expensive with time. That’s why we recommend calling MoreVent when you first suspect a leak. We’ll quickly respond to check lines for cracks or leaks by conducting a video inspection. By pinpointing the precise location of you leak, we’re better able to perform repairs at the exact source of the problem without necessarily digging up your entire yard.

Annual maintenance

Once you’ve had a leak repaired, it’s wise to schedule annual inspections of your water lines. That way future problems can be detected early and repaired before they have a chance to cause more catastrophic damage.

Whether it’s emergency repairs or preventative service, MoreVent’s experienced plumbers have the training, experience and tools necessary to make sure you enjoy an uninterrupted supply of clean, safe water in your home.