February 23, 2017

We’re Hiring

MoreVent’s client demand is higher than it’s ever been, so we’re looking for folks with a great attitude to add to our team.
Our top priority is providing quality service, so we hire top-notch individuals. We’re looking for people who have a sincere desire to serve, and feel that clients are not an interruption to their day, but rather an opportunity.
In our industry, it’s very common for companies to hire people when business is good, and then lay off, when things slow down. MoreVent doesn’t have that philosophy. When we see that there’s a consistent level of business, we hire for the long-term.
We’re not interested in people that want jobs. We’re looking for individuals that want a life-changing career, an opportunity to learn a wonderful industry. Folks who want to build relationships with clients, and, most importantly, keep their homes safe.
For more information on starting a career at MoreVent call 1-610-257-7702 and ask for Marco, or click here.

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