April 21, 2016

What is a Home Analysis?

Before you invest in a new heating and cooling system for your home, it’s crucial that you have a full home analysis. After an analysis from MoreVent, you’ll get the right size system in your home, which will lead to efficient operations, lower utilities, and a better comfort level overall.
A home analysis from MoreVent starts with a comfort advisor coming to your home to go through a series of questions to understand your wants and needs. We want to know what changes you’d like to see in your home to make it more comfortable.
The main part of the analysis is the engineering survey, which enables us to properly size a heating and cooling system, based on today’s efficiencies and technology. The full analysis takes sixty to ninety minutes. We measure all of your windows, doors, floors, and walls, as well as analyze your existing system and ductwork.
Getting the right the size system is not only going to save you money over time, it could also save you in the initial investment. Remember that bigger isn’t always better, when it comes to your heating and cooling system. In fact, bigger systems usually have lower lifetime expectancy, increase your utility usage, and decrease your comfort level.
If the system is too large for a home, we tend to see heaters that come on and off a lot in the winter. These systems are designed to run for a longer period of time to slowly heat the space. The continuous on and off cycle is going to cost you more on your utilities, and it won’t give you that desired comfort.
Get it right by starting with a full home analysis. We’ll set you up with the right size system for your home.

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