March 24, 2015

What Is Wrong With My AC Unit? Where To Look First

As the weather warms up and the sizzle of summer approaches, the last thing homeowners want to deal with is their AC unit breaking down. It’s panic mode when your air conditioner is on its last breath. After all, you rely on those cooling capabilities during the hot summer months.
So if your air conditioner does call it quits, your reaction might be to arrange for immediate repair. But fight the urge to run out and spend tons of money on parts you may not actually need – in desperate hopes of restoring your unit as quickly as possible. Before you call an AC service or bolt to the nearest home improvement store, stop to understand exactly what needs improvement.
Do you know which part is the cause of your broken air conditioner? Is there a specific noise that your system is making? Take some time to go through these steps before heading out to purchase new parts.

Go-To Checklist: Identifying Your AC Issues

1. Ask: Is my air conditioner getting power? It may sound simple, but more often than not, homeowners neglect to trace the breakdown of their AC unit back to the power switch.
2. Check your filters. Dirty, worn-down filters inhibits airflow. Replacing old filters works wonders for air circulation.
3. Inspect the machine. After you’ve checked the power and the filters, if your AC unit is still performing under par, it’s time to for your HVAC technician to examine the interior. Sometimes, a tune-up is all you really need.
√ Emergency Switch – Often, it can be as simple as checking that red switch, usually at the top of the basement stairs. Has someone accidentally turned off that switch?
√ Battery in your thermostat – Your thermostat should alert you when you need to change the battery. But, in our busy lives we often miss that alert.
√ The problem might be with the breaker – Your breaker should have come equipped with a guide to help you locate the control on your HVAC system. Make sure it’s in the on position.
Keep in mind that while checking these parts may be easy enough for you to tackle on your own, when it comes to actually tuning up your air conditioner, you need to call in a professional.
An air conditioner tune-up is sometimes unavoidable, but it shouldn’t be your go-to solution all the time. If you have some background knowledge of your system, it’s easy to pinpoint the root of your problems. Consult this quick and simple checklist the next time your unit is giving you trouble, and see if there’s anything your homeowner capabilities are able to cover before bringing in a professional. Even if you ultimately realize that the job requires an HVAC expert, at least you’ll have already diagnosed the problem, giving you better insight on a reasonable price.
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