October 1, 2019

What’s That Spooky Sound? (HVAC Noises You Shouldn’t Be Hearing)

Is there a noise coming from somewhere in your house that sounds like a hissing snake, or an ominous rattling?

HVAC problems are the only thing scarier than Halloween monsters! Learn more about the different types of noises, what they mean, and how we can fix them.


Is that noise in the walls a scary serpent, or is it a problem with your air ducts?

Yes, if you hear a noise in your home like air escaping from a balloon, it probably means there is an air leak in your ducts. However, it would be very difficult for you to identify where the leak is on your own!

One way you could fix a hissing noise on your own, though, is if it’s caused by having the wrong size air filter. Examine your air filter and see if it fits with a tight seal, or if, instead, you can hear that the hissing noise is air squeezing past the filter.

What if the hissing isn’t coming from that, and you’re not sure where the scary sound originates?

Then schedule an appointment so that one of our technicians can fix the leak for you. Because the scariest thing of all is, leaky ducts mean that you are wasting money!


A banging noise usually indicates a bigger problem. It could mean that something is loose in your HVAC system, including a blade slamming against another part…Doesn’t that just sound like a Halloween slasher film?

If you hear a clanking sound coming from the walls, it could be caused by pockets of air in your water pipes. This is especially likely if it happens when you are running water, like when you flush the toilet or run your sink. Keep in mind that since your pipes are all over in your home, flushing the toilet might make a banging sound in your living room. It could still be a water pipe issue!

This loud noise could be totally harmless…It always happens if you’re just turning on the heat, which might well be the case for you this October.

As mentioned above, your air ducts would be the source. They are highly influenced by temperature and may expand with the heat, making this noise. (If you hear a hissing and banging noise then, it may be that your air ducts expanded and then a leak developed!)


So what could possibly be causing a rattling noise, except for a ghost in the attic? A far more likely explanation is that it’s your A/C system. This would only be the case if you were running the A/C, which you might not be any more in October, but it could be a small branch/twig stuck in the unit. Go inspect your outdoor A/C unit. See if you can find anything like that in the grill, or anything that could be obstructing the fan.

If the noise is definitely coming from inside the house, though (or if your A/C is off) there could be something stuck in a component of your furnace. In that case, there’s not much you can safely do, except give us a call!

Whether you’re hearing hissing, banging, rattling, or any other strange HVAC noises this Halloween (or any other time of year), don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Even if you can ignore these spooky sounds, you shouldn’t ignore a potentially costly or dangerous problem! Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 1-610-257-7702…”We ain’t afraid of no ghost!”

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