August 3, 2018

Why Is Water Heater Maintenance Important?

Heated water is a luxury most of us enjoy and probably take for granted. To keep the hot water flowing, and to keep the threat of cold showers at bay, water heater maintenance is important to ensure safety, efficiency, and longevity.  Just like any equipment, however, if not maintained it will likely break down.
First and foremost, the safety of your water heater is important.  Water heaters have safety devices that require annual testing.  The temperature and pressure valve protects your water heater from excess pressures and temperatures by discharging water. For safety purposes this should be checked in an annual inspection.
Water heater maintenance also ensures the efficiency of your system.  The buildup of calcium is a major contributor to making your system less efficient. These minerals settle at the bottom of your water heater, making it more difficult to produce hot water and reducing the amount of water available to heat.  In gas water heaters, these minerals can create hot spots leading to tank damage and failure. In electric models, these minerals can cause the lower heating element to fail.  Flushing your tank during a maintenance inspection will remove these minerals, which will increase its efficiency and reduce energy costs.
Neglecting to maintain your water heater will decrease the longevity of your system. Regular maintenance will draw attention to problems that can be fixed before they become major issues, that require you to replace the unit.  For example, it can help you see if there is rust build-up, which is one of the main reasons why water heaters need to be replaced.  When rusty water appears, there is a chance your water heater is rusting on the inside, which can result in a leak and even contaminated water.
Regular maintenance keeps your water heater working reliably, as well as safely, efficiently and consistently over the lifespan of your equipment.  At MoreVent we can help you with all of your water heater needs, from maintenance to replacement.  Give us a call or contact us online!

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