August 25, 2016

Why We Charge a Diagnostic Fee

We get the question on a daily basis. Why does MoreVent charge a diagnostic fee?
Quite frankly, it comes down to a business philosophy. You can run your business in one of two ways. You can either be upfront with the client and let them know you have a charge, or you could say there is no charge, and tack it on somewhere in the repair.
We like to be completely transparent when it comes to our pricing. Our diagnostic fee ranges, but it could be anywhere from $79-$99. We will send a fully trained, certified, drug-free technician to your home in a truck that’s loaded with thousands of parts. Included in that diagnostic fee is the actual diagnosis of the problem. At that point, our technician will give you our straightforward price to do the repair.
We find that companies that do not charge diagnostic fees, usually add that fee onto the repair. The client ends up paying five to twenty percent more for the overall service.
It’s kind of like that old saying, “free advice is probably the most costly advice you’ll ever get.”  If someone is offering you a free service, remember that it will most likely come at a cost to you at a later time.
We whole-heartedly believe that the clients should know exactly what’s going to take place in their homes and, ultimately, what they’re going to be responsible for. They know they can rest assured that the price is a fair one.

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