July 16, 2015

Will Closing Vents Save Me Money?

Everybody wants to save a little money where they can. We get a lot of calls at MoreVent asking us if it’s okay to close the air vents when certain parts of the home are not being used. Homeowners tend to close vents off thinking that they’re going to save money on their utility bills. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case and can lead to extremely negative side effects.
Your system is designed to move air in the home and when we close vents off, we put a lot of pressure onto the system. That pressure can actually result in the failure of some major components, like motors and compressors. The best thing to do is allow that system to move the air that it’s designed to move by keeping all of your vents open all year long.
One of the most common affects of closing down the vents is that the compressor on the outside actually fails. And when that compressor fails, it could be a significant repair. It could be thousands of dollars or potentially lead you into prematurely having to replace your entire system.
Having your system cleaned on an annual basis is really where you’re going to save the most money. Two components within your system that have a negative impact on your utility usage are your blower wheels and your coils. If those two components are dirty, it could cause your utility bill to be as much as thirty percent more than it really needs to be.
Not only is getting your system serviced going to save in your utility usage, it’s also going to prolong the life of your system. Prematurely replacing your system will be deferred. It’s never too late to have your air conditioner or your furnace cleaned. It can be done at any point throughout the year. Keep your vents open, and call us so we can help keep your costs down at 1-610-257-7702.

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