How Does a Central Air Conditioning Unit Work?

Central air conditioning draws air into its system via return vents and delivers it via supply vents. Return vents are relatively large, and you may only have one or two in your home. Supply vents are typically smaller, and there will often be many throughout a home. A blower creates this circulation. Air from the return vents is forced through a heat exchanger that transfers heat energy from the air. That cooled air is then pushed into ductwork before being forced out of the return vents and into the living space.

Central systems tend to be split systems with an outdoor unit that houses the compressor and an indoor unit that houses the evaporator condenser coils and air handler. However, there are also packaged systems, which house all of that equipment in an outdoor unit, and that solution is used for homes and businesses that cannot accommodate the indoor equipment for whatever reason. MoreVent has skilled and experienced technicians who install, replace, service, and repair both configurations.

Central Air Conditioning

Reasons for Choosing a Central Air Conditioning Unit

While innovations continue to improve modern central air conditioning, it is a proven technology that has been used in homes and businesses throughout the U.S. for many decades. Installation of these systems is relatively affordable particularly if you already have the ductwork installed. These systems are also highly efficient and thus cost-effective on a monthly basis and over the long term. Central AC is also very reliable, long-lasting, relatively simple to maintain, and generally easy to fix if a failure occurs.

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Types of Central Air Conditioning Systems

The split system and the packaged unit are the two main types of central air conditioners. Split systems tend to be preferable because the design is more efficient and experiences longer equipment life for the indoor components, but packaged units are necessary for scenarios where a split system is not practical.

Advantages of Having a Central Air Conditioning System

There are five core advantages to a central air conditioning system:

Energy Efficiency

A central air conditioner is much more efficient than using window units. In order to maximize that efficiency, it is important to choose a unit that is the right size for a home. A unit that is too big or too small will not cycle correctly, which will cost more to operate and lead to more wear and tear.

Temperature Consistency

One of the drawbacks to window AC and even mini splits is that the air is blown directly into the living space and not distributed evenly, which results in warm spots. In a well-functioning central system, pressure in the ductwork ensures that the cooled air is distributed evenly throughout the home.

Quiet Operations

Central air conditioning is among the quietest cooling solutions because the loudest components, such as the blower, are insulated away from the living space. This is not the case with window units and mini splits.

Central Air Conditioning Comfort
Filtered Air

While central AC does not filter the air you breathe, modern systems are designed to ensure that they do not worsen the air by introducing many pollutants into the living space. To ensure this, it is important to schedule seasonal maintenance and duct cleaning every several years or so.

Programmable Settings

Central AC can take full advantage of smart and programmable thermostats. This allows you to save money by not using the cooling when you do not need it, such as when the family is at work and school.

Central Air Conditioning Replacement and Repair You Can Trust

MoreVent also specializes in repairing whole-house air conditioning systems, and we work on all makes and models. If you’ve experienced a system failure, we’ll fix it fast, and if you have less obvious troubles, such as uneven cooling, we’ll diagnose the issue and correct it. Our company even has repair technicians on call around the clock for those cooling issues that just can’t wait. If the time has come to replace your AC rather than fix it, we can help you choose the ideal model for your home and install it with precision.

Central Air Conditioning Maintenance Services Available

The best way to avoid breakdowns and other AC troubles is with seasonal maintenance. We recommend scheduling a tune-up prior to the cooling season, and during that appointment, we’ll perform a multipoint inspection, clean your system, check refrigerant levels, and fix any wear and tear.

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