MoreVent Makes Furnace Maintenance Easy

You may depend on your furnace in the winter more than your air conditioning in the summer. In addition to the loss of comfort, a faulty furnace has the potential to create safety risks for the home’s occupants. Regularly scheduled furnace check-ups help ensure your system will run smoothly and safely all winter. Even if you need furnace repair, we’re here for you.

Unexpected furnace repairs during the winter season don’t have to be costly or cumbersome, though that is often the norm. MoreVent Heating offers 24-hour Emergency Heating Repair with no overtime charges. Customers throughout Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties rely on MoreVent’s expert technicians to repair furnace problems correctly the first time. MoreVent technicians are specifically trained to quickly diagnose problems and provide the right furnace repair solutions to get the heat in your home back up in no time.

Furnace Repair Service

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Furnace Repair Service

Furnace Service Saves You Money

Maintaining a schedule for regular furnace check-ups can save both time and money. During a checkup, a potential problem may be detected that allows proper maintenance and repair to curb a larger, more expensive problem in the future. Regular maintenance also ensures essential elements of your furnace are replaced when necessary, avoiding inconvenient break-downs and unpredictable furnace repair costs. MoreVent performs repair and maintenance on both electric and gas furnaces. For safety purposes, it is beneficial to have a qualified technician perform a furnace safety check before temperatures begin to drop, especially on a gas furnace.

Priced By The Job, Not By The Hour

MoreVent practices upfront pricing. Every furnace repair service is priced by the job, not by the hour. This takes the guesswork out of regular furnace maintenance budgeting and helps you track what your monies are going toward when an unexpected repair is necessary. You can rely on MoreVent furnace repair with no hidden costs or unnecessary labor hours billed.

Gas Furnace Repair Service Includes:
  • Gas furnace repair to pilot: Problems with the pilot light should be addressed immediately to protect against the introduction of excess carbon monoxide in the home. (MoreVent technicians are willing to test your carbon monoxide detector during annual furnace check-ups.)
  • Gas furnace ignition: A problem with the ignition is likely to reduce the quality of heat the furnace provides. It is important to have a qualified technician deal with ignition issues.
  • Gas thermostat repair: Frequent cycling on/off may point toward a thermostat issue, affecting the ability to warm the home efficiently.
  • Gas furnace blower: Whether your problem involves dirt buildup, wiring issues, or a mechanical problem; MoreVent technicians are trained to locate and remedy the issue.
  • Gas furnace repair to vent: In addition to serious health dangers, an improper vent on a gas furnace can cause wood damage from interior window condensation or even rust on the furnace itself.
  • Gas exchanger repair: A high-cost repair expense that is often preventable with regular maintenance.
Electric Furnace Repair Service Includes:
  • Electric furnace repair to the heating coil: Heating coils may be getting a workout year round and will benefit from regular cleaning. Many times these coils are in a location difficult for the homeowner to access.
  • Electric furnace blower: When a furnace kicks on, low humming or shrill squeals are a dreaded sound. Technicians from MoreVent are able to perform preventative care to help avoid the problems causing these sounds or to identify an existing problem and make a proper repair or replacement.
  • Electric sequencer repair: The sequencer provides specific control and order within its circuits and the current it allows to pass through them. A broken sequencer may result in low heat levels or a tripped circuit breaker. A MoreVent technician has advanced tools to diagnose and remedy the problem.
  • Electric furnace repair to control board: A problem with the control board on an electric furnace can originate from many possible sources. Making note of the details involving these furnace issues as they occur can be helpful as your technician tracks down the source of the problem.
  • Electric repair to limit switch: If the furnace is continually blowing, repair or replacement of the limit switch may be necessary. Clean filters protect the limit switch and save on energy costs.
  • Electric furnace repair to motor: Loud, unusual sounds coming from the furnace likely point toward a mechanical problem in need of attention. Regular maintenance helps keep airflow at a proper level and slows unnecessary wear on the overall furnace system.

Furnace Checkups & Repair

Check with MoreVent for an annual maintenance plan to get the most out of your furnace system. Keep your family safe and warm all winter. Call MoreVent now at 1-484-203-8420 or contact us to schedule your Furnace Safety Check.