How Does A Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner & Heater Work?

Mini-Split Ductless air conditioners and heating systems are made up of two components: a wall-mounted indoor unit that works with a compressor MoreVent installs outside your home. The primary appeal of these systems is their ductless efficiency. Traditional systems lose about 25% or more in the ducts that distribute air throughout your home.

Every ductless air conditioners is a split system. The condenser is located outside your home while the indoor evaporator unit is located in your basement or attic. Ducts carry your home’s air from these units throughout your home. A mini-split ductless air conditioners system works the same way, but without the ducts. An indoor unit blows warm air from your home over cold evaporator coils. Refrigerant running through these coils absorbs heat, carrying it to the outside unit where it dumps the heat pulled from your home.

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation

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Advantages Of A Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioner

  • Installation is a straight-forward and quick process for the trained technicians at MoreVent. No cumbersome HVAC ducts need to be run through the home.
  • Installs are less intrusive on the shell of the home, with a small cutout for line and cable access necessary. This is more secure than a window unit.
  • The small size of a mini-split system makes it flexible to use for HVAC zoning or simply to control the temperature in an individual room.
  • Different lengths of connecting lines allow a level of flexibility in where the outdoor unit is located in relationship to the indoor unit(s). The outdoor compressor may be able to be placed in a less visible location for aesthetic purposes.
  • Indoor air units can be installed in a variety of locations within a room, allowing options for overall interior design.
  • Indoor air units come with simple covers and are surprisingly not very deep.
  • Some units, especially those secured high on a wall or the ceiling, benefit from a remote control.
  • Ductless mini-split systems produce a low indoor noise level from its fan motors.

Is A Mini-Split The Best Option For Your Space?

Ductless mini-split HVAC systems may work well for single space cooling situations in the home where ductwork is not feasible. This system may be exactly what you need. However, not all cooling and heating needs, preferences, and situations are best resolved with a ductless mini-split system. Indoor air units must be hung inside, along with cables and lines running along the exterior of the home. A home-owner must consider what they are willing to add to the visual of their home, indoors and out. If too much space needs to be temperature regulated, a ducted central system may end up costing less in the long run, even when considering ductwork. Visit with a MoreVent specialist to receive a professional recommendation and any options available for your individual situation.

Mini-Split Ductless Air Conditioners Are Ideal For:

  • Added rooms, garage apartments, and sunrooms: A mini-split ductless system is sized for the specific space it is cooling and heating. This means new spaces won’t take capacity from your existing air conditioning and heating system.
  • Different needs in one home: Ductless systems allow for independent zones in different rooms. This is a more efficient solution than creating zones in a traditional ducted cooling system.
  • Downsizing in larger homes: Instead of turning off grilles in empty rooms which creates imbalances in your system, adding a ductless mini-split unit in a master bedroom and running the rest of your system at minimal levels makes more sense.
  • Adding AC to a home without it: Building duct systems into a home without ducts is expensive and messy. The cost of adding ductless air conditioning and heating systems can be less expensive than building a network of ducts.
MoreVent is Your Ductless Air Conditioning Expert

Get answers you can trust about adding a mini-split ductless air conditioning solution to your home. Area measurements and identification of indoor unit locations are important to a successful install. If the system chosen is not large enough to manage the space, temperatures will not stay at a comfortable level. This can result in higher energy costs. An oversized unit will often short-cycle, using up extra energy. Contact us now to have a trained MoreVent comfort specialist evaluate which system is right for you.

Keep in mind that duct free does not mean maintenance free. Indoor unit filters should be cleaned monthly. As with all HVAC systems, a consistent annual checkup will aid in keeping the units running well and limit aging due to unnecessary overwork. Refrigerant pressure will need to be checked and condensate lines will need flushed. Getting a MoreVent system checkup is easy: call 1-484-203-8420 or schedule online.

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