Electric & Gas Tankless Water Heaters

A tankless water heater, also known as an on-demand water heater, provides hot water when it is needed. This does not mean instant hot water, there is still a heating process the water must pass through. When a hot water valve is opened, at a sink or shower, for example, water is heated up as it quickly runs through a gas burner or electric element in the unit. The hot water is then directed to the faucet. When the hot water is shut off, the heating process stops. MoreVent specializes in tankless water heater installation and repair services in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Request a free estimate from our pros today!

Tankless water heaters save in electricity when compared to a traditional tank water heater, where water stored in the tank is heated continually so hot water is available when needed. While savings can be found in the electric bill over the years, the initial cost of a tankless water heater is higher than the tank water heater. When deciding between the two, there are many components to consider, such as initial costs, performance, household hot water needs, and lifespan expectations.


Tankless Water Heaters Do Have Limitations

Continuous hot water does not mean unlimited hot water. On average, tankless water heaters provide hot water at a rate of 2–5 gallons per minute. Gas-fired tankless water heaters produce higher flow rates than electric ones. However, even the largest, gas-fired models can have trouble meeting multiple, simultaneous demand. For instance, a shower and washing machine running at the same time can result in higher hot water demand than some units can deliver. Also, a tankless hot water heater would provide no hot water during a power outage, unlike the tank of a water heater that contains gallons of hot water in reserve.

Tankless Water Heater

Choosing The Right Water Heater

If a water heater output is too small and cannot keep up with the household hot water demand, its purchase will result in a waste of money and a great deal of frustration. Getting too much hot water is just as bad, unnecessarily pulling money out of the budget. This is why MoreVent techs take time to survey your household’s water use before making a recommendation. If a single tankless unit cannot handle the gallons per minute needed, multiple units can be installed. This is a very expensive option. In the event a tankless water heater is not a good fit for your hot water needs, we will provide you alternatives such as a traditional tank water heater or heat pump water heater.

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Tankless Water Heater Installation and Maintenance

While considering a new water heater, keep in mind that the current electrical system in your home may need professionally upgraded to handle a tankless water heater. No matter which type is chosen, installation day is the most important day in the life of a water heater. That is why the experienced MoreVent tankless water heater installation team takes the necessary steps for a successful install. This helps to prevent unnecessary future system malfunctions, ensuring your water heater operates safely and efficiently.

A tankless water heater should receive a yearly checkup by a professional technician. It is also important to regularly flush the system and clean the filters. Tankless water heaters can last twice as long as standard tank water heaters. However, in an area with hard water it will require special care to ensure it doesn’t break down. Minerals can build up inside the unit, forcing it to work way too hard to deliver water. This can take years off of the unit’s lifespan or create costly repair bills.

Are You Considering A Tankless Water Heater Installation?

While a tankless water heater may be exactly what your home needs, it is very important that all aspects of location, household water use, and budgetary limits are researched before a decision is made.

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Signs It’s Time For a New Tankless Water Heater Replacement

Although tankless water heaters have long service lifespans, eventually they will need to be replaced. There are a variety of signs to keep an eye out for that indicate it may be time to for a tankless water heater replacement. If you have owned your water heater for a decade or more, you have gotten your money’s worth and may want to consider requesting a tankless water heater installation quote from a professional like MoreVent. You don’t want to run the risk of your system breaking unexpectedly leaving you and your family without hot water when you need it most.

Tankless Water Heater Issues
  • Over 10 Years Old
  • Not Enough Water
  • Lukewarm or Cold Water
  • Rusty Water
  • Foul Smelling Water
  • Cloudy Water
  • Odd Noises
  • Leaks

Install the Right Tankless Water Heater for Your Needs

Selecting a tankless water heater that is the right size for your home is critical. Let the technicians at MoreVent survey your water usage in order to make the appropriate recommendations. Learn more about the different types of tankless water heaters which are available:

Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heater

Non-condensing tankless water heaters heat water using a primary heat exchanger. This requires a vent to be installed where the hot exhaust can be expelled.

Condensing Tankless Water Heater

A condensing hot water heater features a second heat exchanger which utilizes the exhaust from the first to heat the water further making it more efficient.

Electric Tankless Water Heater

Electric tankless water heaters are quite efficient and accessible to homeowners throughout the area. They utilize an electric element to warm your water.

Gas Tankless Water Heater

If your home has access to natural gas you can opt for a gas tankless water heater. They are great option that will last you for years to come.

Other Water Heaters We Replace

The experts at MoreVent can repair, replace and maintain not only your tankless water heater, but standard tank water heaters and heat pump water heaters as well! You can count on us to be there for you whether your water heater has failed completely or simply requires annual maintenance. Learn a little more about your options if you’re still unsure that a tankless water heater installation is right for you.

Standard Water Heaters

Standard Tank Water Heaters

Standard tank water heaters store between 20 and 120 gallons of hot water depending on your home’s usage. The water is most often heated with electricity or natural gas. Traditional water heaters tend to be more affordable to install and maintain but can be less energy efficient than some tankless water heaters.

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Heat pump water heaters, also known as hybrid water heaters, move energy instead of producing it. They pull heat from the surrounding air to heat water instead of utilizing gas or electricity. They work similarly to heat pumps used to heat and cool your space, but instead apply that same idea to water.

Choose MoreVent for Your Tankless Water Heater Installation, Repair and Maintenance

You can count on the experts at MoreVent to be there whenever you need us. Whether your tankless water heater needs a minor repair or you’re in need of annual maintenance, we can take care of it. We are also proud to provide the most trusted tankless water heater installation services in the area. Don’t let your family be stuck without hot water! Give us a call at 1-610-257-7702 today or contact us in order to schedule an inspection or service.